Friday, August 13, 2010

My 1st Favorite Friday Post!!!

Favorite Friday's

So....I watch another blog written by a local Photographer. Every Friday she posted something that is her favorite! Well I LOVE the idea!! So, I'm going to do it as well!!
I have two Friends that have AMAZING Blogs..Check them out!!!!

Erin is a Life Coach:

Jess is a Party Planner:

Funny thing...last week I told the Husband..."Honey, I want to start a new business!!" I what to start a Photography, Party Planning & Life Coaching Business!!! I just think you should do what you love!!
I LOVE a lot of things!!!

I'll be looking for mentoring from both Jess and Erin...LOL!!!

Much Love!!!


I DID IT!!!!

I made my 1st  Watermelon Basket!!!!  Look out Bobby Flay... Here I come!!!!!!

Think I'll be the,"Next Food Network Star!!!"  LOL :)

Much Love !!!!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Bret Michaels

All I can say is YES....I LOVE Bret!!!! I grew up in the 80's when he was the King of High Hair!!!! So, I've had a crush on him for years!!! I was lucky to see Bret in concert on July 30th. What a great night!! He was just liked I remember 19 yrs ago, the last time I seen him in concert!!!
So, I was looking at his website for the 1st time today. This is my new thing for today!
Setting aside the huge crush I have on him, I thought about the kind of person he is!! The LOVE he has for the country and those Men and Women serving in our Military, Amazing!!! He has had so many medical problem. The Guys known as "the man with 9 lives". One of the Hardest working Singers out there!!!
That night at the concert he stood on the stage and said,"It is really good see you all and I mean it's REALLY good to see you!!!" You could hear the sweet love and desire for life!!!
I hope I can keep that thought close to me. I want to remember to cherish every moment with the people I care about and Love!!!
Thanks Bret!!! Love You!!!

Much Love!!

Monday, August 9, 2010

New Coffee

I Love Sunday mornings!!! I get my favorite cup of coffee and sit and relax for a few minutes!!! Yesterday, I had a FREE cup of coffee at the BEST coffee shop in town, The Daily Rise !!! What a great time to try something new!! So, I set aside getting my Skinny Ghost and went for the Daily Special!! Now, I Love Love Love this coffee shop!! The daily special just was not  my favorite cup :(  I'm not saying it was a bad cup of coffee is just wasn't what I really liked.
So, lesson learned today, sometime something new may not be your cup of coffee!!! It may just remind you of what you LOVE the most!!
Much Love!!!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

WOW!! Who would have thought...

Staying HOME on a Saturday night! The Mora's ...Really?? This is the 1st in a VERY long time. We are the type of family that is ALWAYS on the go!!!! 4:00am to 10:00pm. We live life fast!! Well, not tonight!!! We are sitting home and relaxing!!!  Being in the moment is amazing...nice just to watch a movie!!!! Those who know me well,  will be shocked!!!

Much Love!!!

Friday, August 6, 2010

What's new today???

Well, here is the plan! My sister has a booth at Roy Day this weekend. Her and her husband will be cooking all kinds of stuff from Cinnamon Glazed Almonds to their newest item on the menu HOMEMADE Corndogs!!! One of my favorites!!! ( All beef of course!!) So, I'm calling it my something new to try today!! Now, I have had many corndogs in my days but, never one made by my sister!!!!

Just being in the moment is the key to this project and knowing when ,what your doing is something you have never done before!

As we all try and do new thing with this project please share by posting comments. I would love to be inspired!!!

Much Love!!!

365 To Greatness Project

It's simple...I want to have the BEST life possible and only want to surround myself with those who work at the same thing each and everyday!!
I have had some amazing experiences in my life!!! I have been enlightened in so many ways during the past 3 years! My growth has been in leaps and bounds. I have learned and experience Reiki, The Sedona Method, The Secret, The Work by Byron Katie, EFT, Chakras, and Essential Oils.
The one thing I want to share today is the Law of Attraction--the reason for the creation of the 365 To Greatness Project.
Some people would say the last week of my life has been, to put it simply--Devastating!!! This was a true test to all of my learning in the past 3 years. I won't go into details as there is no reason. It's all could be seen as negative! Each and everyday for the last 7 days, I have worked so hard to stay down stream--meaning that I only want good and positive thoughts. For the most part it worked. Everyday, I was upbeat and ready to take what life had for me.
As those who know me, my life is what is what it is and nothing more! Yesterday, I started a new Bunko group and a fantasy football league! Two things I really enjoy! I also promised myself that I want to "Live Life to the Fullest"!!!
Well, today I woke feeling the pressure of what has happened in the last 7 days. I was more upset than all the other days put together. Crying throughout the day and slipping back to my old ways of thinking!!! "It's happening again. Life hates me and so this is what I get!!!"
Well, for the past few days I have talked about hiking up waterfall canyon. No reason, just that I thought it would be something new. So, unwilling but still being nice to his wife, my husband Tony agreed to take me. I didn't know that physically fit-challenged people like myself shouldn't really hike this trail! About half way up, Tony asked "Do you want to go back?" I said "No, I have to make it to the top!" I did not know how much farther to the top. Just then we came across two hikers on their way down the trail. Tony asked "How much more to the top?" The young man said “Oh, about 5 minutes or so.” I was thinking to myself, “I am going to fall over and pass out!!!” The Lady then spoke and said "I have been up here 3 times in the last 3 weeks!” She then went on to explain that Christopher, her 17 year old son had fallen at this canyon on July 17th and passed away at the top. She also gave me insight to who he was and what a amazing kid he was! She and I hugged on the trail and Tony and I continued up to the top!
Just as we could see the top, I became overwhelmed with emotion. It felt like the world was closing in on me!! I had every emotion known to man kind.I felt happiness, in all of the tears I had. I also felt the lost, the lost of myself!!! In that same moment I knew that I was having the awakening I have been looking for...The message that this Mother gave to me was one that I have actually heard time and time again. This time was different though, the awareness I have now to this message totally ROCKED me to the core of who I am. This is the message I attracted!!! I needed to hear it loud and clear this time!!! I need to live my life to the fullest and celebrate each and every day!!! The Law of Attraction in action!!! Thank You Christopher for your life and inspiring mine!!!
On the way down the canyon, I realized if there is one thing in life I can do—It is to inspire others!!!!!
So, here we are-- The 365 To Greatness Project!!! This will be an amazing project!!! We will all become the Greatest we can be!!!
I will challenge each one of us to do/try something new each day for the next 365 days. It can be something amazing like jumping out of an airplane to something as simple as trying a new kind of gum!!!
The point to this project is to Live life to the fullest!!! When you do you can't help but to become great!!!
Each month we will have a Meet-Up group. This will be a time and a place to share your journey and to participate in a group activity.
The 1st meeting is on Sunday, August 29th @ 8:00am. We will meet at the top of 29th street in Ogden and we will hike to the top of where this all began. Waterfall Canyon!
I hope to have 365 people hiking up to the falls!!! Tell all your friends and family. This is for everyone!!! I will post more as we get closer to the date!
Much Love!!!