Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What a matter with your Life...

What's the matter with your life?
Why you gotta mess with mine?
Don't keep sweatin' what I do
Cause I'm gonna be just fine - check it out!

Spoken words by the great Salt'N'Pepa.. LOL! Now, please don't run out and find the song or listen to it because it not appropriate for all... :) Just saying

However, these word stand true. Question is why do we get into other business? Shouldn't we let people be who they are and focus the parts that mesh and let go the part that don't. People loss relationship over small difference. Believe me, I have in the past! I thought my happiness weighted on someone else behavior which is funny because I can't control their behavior and in my eyes they couldn't control This is something I learned from Abraham.

I think at the point in time when you really want to dive, judge and or plan want to get in to someones business this is the time you need to look at yourself more than ever!!! I like to call it stay in my business!!! We all have time of weakness, times when what someone else is doing seems to appear to be more important than our our business. That's when we are out of alignment with our selfs!Now don't run out to your local mechanic and make an appointment it wont help!!!
This is the alignment you need in life. Kind of a state of wellbeing. This is the time you step up and be responsible for how you feel! No one is responsible but yourself!

The reason I'm sharing this tonight is this is exactly what happen to me today!! The journey to peace and happiness is not always easy! No mater how much you have learned read or study. If you don't practice everyday your not as sharp and skilled as you could be! Think about world class athletics they have the right idea when it comes to self discipline and dedication. They get the job done.

I had a great conversation with a dear friend about this yesterday! I should have listen a little better Happiness and wellbeing is a daily awareness you need to feed your soul everyday!
I really believe if you do this then you stay in our own business. because your so happy and life is so good that what others are doing that you could have been caught up in really don't seem to have any bearing on you and your state of mind.

After a LONG day of many frustrations I had my moment where I realized just one thought, a thought that is just a little better then all the thoughts I have had today will put me heading down stream!!! Down stream to my happiness. My vortex! A place of peace and happiness!!

So here is the confession, when I started writing this post I started writing it in hopes that someone in my life would read it and get the message to stay out of people business and stop trying to control other life's by doing things that deep down inside knows it will hurt others!

Now, remembering the things others do is a reflection of what I don't like about myself!!!Good times!! Now I can see what other do is on them and who am I to judge what they choose to do in life! Are they hurting me or my family NOPE ..."it is what it is" !!!

Life and Happiness is what I make of it...I'm glad I moved quickly back to this. Even if I do get upset from time to time. I would not anyone to have the control to make me happy, they just could do it!!!

This was a tough lesson today, learning is never easy :)

So to finish out the great Salt "n" Pepa... Who are you to judge there's only one true judge and that my God, so chill and let my father do his job"!!!!

Finding enlightened in the funniest places
Much Love,

Monday, May 16, 2011

Coffee In the Morning-"Life is Like a Cup of Coffee"

I'm sure many of you are just like me, "The best part of waking up is Forgers in your cup"!! Coffee for me is just more than the kick in the pants I need to get the day going. It's pure enjoyment, which is funny I was a late bloomer when it come to gaining the taste for coffee. Coffee means no matter where I'm, who I'm with I'm having it!!!

Well, I LOVE 7-11's coffee!!! I call it my "Cop Coffee" Cheap and oh so good! Now, don't get me wrong I enjoy the occasionally $5.00 cup of coffee at "The Daily Rise" :) Until today when I realized I really enjoy my cheap 7-11 coffee more!?!?!? As I sat here in thought I wounder why? Why would you want the most expensive cup of coffee? They have cute cups and everyone know you can afford to drink the BEST!!!

So, I started looking at my life 2 years ago my Husband was in the fast track in life we had a business That made well over 6 figures a year and I had an amazing job with the bank! By no means am I bragging!! I just want to have a understanding that we were doing quite well. Now looking back LIFE SUCKED!!!! To put in to the most clear words possible! The family was falling apart, we didn't have much to do with the extended family and I can't tell you how many time I spoke the big D word to Tony! Yet some people would have given their right arm to be right where we were!!! So, many time you hear "The grass is always greener" Well, what I say is find your grass and never hop the fence! Just like my "CHEAP" cop coffee!I love my coffee and enjoy it every morning!

I have never been one to care to much about what others think about me or what I'm doing in life!! I pretty much do, think and act just the way I want to!!! Some people don't like this about me and occasionally, I do have to bite my lip...LOL I just is what it is... The words I speak are true to me!!

So, here is the tie in coffee and my life! Watch this....

Now, in the last 6 month my income has cut in about half, however we don't have the stress the deadline the confinement of that kind of life style. Now,I'm not tell you how to life what I'm saying is...So what if you don't have the best house, car or clothes. the people who eyeing you for that are probably not the kind of people you want in your life. Watch out for the possers, they are the ones who will say they don't care but will put a 3rd mortgage on their house to keep up with "The Jones" next door!!
What I will tell you is some how some way life has a way of just working!!! I have no problem paying and bills and we live a richer life now than EVER before!!!

Life is to be enjoyed however you choose to do! JUST DO IT!!!! Work to live don't Live to work!!! Lesson learned by yours truly!!!

So, drink in what ever cup you wish, just do it because you enjoy it!!! Remember if it don't feel good don't do it!!!

Always drink Coffee!!!
Much Love,

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mom's Day

The Mom's Club is for not for the faint of heart, it's not for the selfish, it's not for those not willing to give up many hours of sleep.
Some join this club because it's a life long long dream to have a Child. Some join the club without planning to join. However you become a member of the Mom's club there is no going back!!
There is no greater joy in the world than to sit on hold your child in their 1st moments of life and know that you created and carried this perfect child.
As time goes on we seem to forget the feeling we had in that 1st moment of that child life. Life has a away of taking that moment from us. The path we take as mothers is a long and winding road! We have the greatest gifts as well as the sad moments. We carry the worries of our Children so they have none. We lose sleep so they may rest. We go without so they may have. We give some much love without return.
So why would anyone want to be in the Mom's Club??? The special moments in life where you see nothing but pure and sweet love your child will give to you. Those moments may not come as often as we would like but when they do, in that one moment everything is worth it!
There is no greater gift as mother then the sweet love from your child. Nothing can replace the touch, the smile, the joys, the success of that child who you have given everything for.
As Mother's we don't just get on day a year to celebrated us we get 365 days! Everyday there is something that happens that make our day as Mother's.
It's wonderful that we have one day a year when everyone thinks they are celebrating us. They just don't know our secret as members of the Mom's club.Everyday there is a celebration in our hearts as mothers.
Shhhh don't tell them they may stop giving us gift! LOL

To the member of the Mom's Club enjoy those time and special moment that only us a Mothers will ever understand.

Much Love!!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Need your Car Detailed??

As many of you know Tony and I owned a Detail Shop for years. Well our Girls Alex and Shaylee were two of the BEST detailers we had!

The Girls are going to NYC in 2 weeks and they are trying to make some extra cash to go.
So, the Girls are offering a SUPER great deal!!! Now until May 20th they will doing complete details for $100.00 this is a $80.00 savings!!!!

Here is what you get...

Exterior of the car
Silicone rubber on exterior
Silicone Tires

Interior of the car
Shampoo carpets mates and seats
Silicone console doors panels
clean headliner

Clean windows inside and out

This is an AMAZING deal!!!

Much Love,
Bridget :)