Tuesday, November 1, 2011

May 18th?? HOLY COW, where is the time going? I can't believe it's been that long since I have written up a post for this blog. I write when I'm inspired to but I have been in this thing call the "whirl wind of life". As we start to move into the Holiday Season, this is when all the reflection starts to happen for the pasted year! In early post I have talk about the roller coaster of life that i"m on and how it moves side to side. This past year there has been some up and downs added. The biggest challenge has been finding my way and trying live up to others expectation for my life. I have never been one to follow others and this past year I found myself not staying true to me and wanting to follow others! Why? There have been so many life changing events that I lost sight of who I am and what I'm about. This past year it has been about making money! Now, 6 months ago I would have denied it to the fullest! I would have told you it about photography give the world my art form and sharing it! HA...not true!! The stress of coming from the working in the banking business for so many years have a affect on me that I have had a hard time shaking off. Here's how I see it...When you work for someone there are guidelines, rules and expectations. When your follow your passion that is exactly what your doing!! But here is the catch!!!
How often does your passion change?? Let's be real clear..think about waking up on a Saturday morning, you have a to do list a mile long...where is your passion? Think about when your child has a sporting event...where is your passion? Think about your partner and a date night...where is your passion? Your passion can change so much even in one day. This is something that really has confused me in the last few months. Passion and now what I like to call focus. I have passion for life!! That includes so many things and guess what I want to do them all!! Photography, cooking , party planning, life coaching, traveling and now I want to dive deeper into the film business and even thinking about changing the photography business into to a total media company! One day I might be excited about a film project and the next about planning a cocktail party. Yes, and that is why people don't understand the way I live my life...LOL but guess what I don't understand life with the same thing everyday! You wake up..get ready for the day.. go to a job (that most people HATE).. you come home.. cook dinner..clean up your house..and watch TV...and do that for 5 days a week! So here I am and I'm following what I love... Here is the catch, last Nov. I entered a world of following my passion and I don't fit in!!! I was trying to clone myself like other photographers! They says find what make you different.Yep, didn't follow that piece of advise...lol All I have been doing is trying to be just like everyone else. Have the best shoots get the best photo shoots and thinking the bigger the better. Wanting to shoot those people in life who can make me look like I'm successful. Now, I'm not saying I'm not going to shoot big name or big events moving forward. What I am saying is I want to shoot for a passion even if it's just for that moments in time I'm passionate about it! They also say in the photography world find your type of photography to focus on...Nope...not me I want to do it all!!! Now that will be my area of focus/passion.
So I guess the message I have for you today is this... Be who you are at all cost! Even if those around you don't like it, don't understand it.Be confident in the path in life you take, IT"S YOURS!! Much Love, Bridget -