Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mom's Day

The Mom's Club is for not for the faint of heart, it's not for the selfish, it's not for those not willing to give up many hours of sleep.
Some join this club because it's a life long long dream to have a Child. Some join the club without planning to join. However you become a member of the Mom's club there is no going back!!
There is no greater joy in the world than to sit on hold your child in their 1st moments of life and know that you created and carried this perfect child.
As time goes on we seem to forget the feeling we had in that 1st moment of that child life. Life has a away of taking that moment from us. The path we take as mothers is a long and winding road! We have the greatest gifts as well as the sad moments. We carry the worries of our Children so they have none. We lose sleep so they may rest. We go without so they may have. We give some much love without return.
So why would anyone want to be in the Mom's Club??? The special moments in life where you see nothing but pure and sweet love your child will give to you. Those moments may not come as often as we would like but when they do, in that one moment everything is worth it!
There is no greater gift as mother then the sweet love from your child. Nothing can replace the touch, the smile, the joys, the success of that child who you have given everything for.
As Mother's we don't just get on day a year to celebrated us we get 365 days! Everyday there is something that happens that make our day as Mother's.
It's wonderful that we have one day a year when everyone thinks they are celebrating us. They just don't know our secret as members of the Mom's club.Everyday there is a celebration in our hearts as mothers.
Shhhh don't tell them they may stop giving us gift! LOL

To the member of the Mom's Club enjoy those time and special moment that only us a Mothers will ever understand.

Much Love!!

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