Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What a matter with your Life...

What's the matter with your life?
Why you gotta mess with mine?
Don't keep sweatin' what I do
Cause I'm gonna be just fine - check it out!

Spoken words by the great Salt'N'Pepa.. LOL! Now, please don't run out and find the song or listen to it because it not appropriate for all... :) Just saying

However, these word stand true. Question is why do we get into other business? Shouldn't we let people be who they are and focus the parts that mesh and let go the part that don't. People loss relationship over small difference. Believe me, I have in the past! I thought my happiness weighted on someone else behavior which is funny because I can't control their behavior and in my eyes they couldn't control This is something I learned from Abraham.

I think at the point in time when you really want to dive, judge and or plan want to get in to someones business this is the time you need to look at yourself more than ever!!! I like to call it stay in my business!!! We all have time of weakness, times when what someone else is doing seems to appear to be more important than our our business. That's when we are out of alignment with our selfs!Now don't run out to your local mechanic and make an appointment it wont help!!!
This is the alignment you need in life. Kind of a state of wellbeing. This is the time you step up and be responsible for how you feel! No one is responsible but yourself!

The reason I'm sharing this tonight is this is exactly what happen to me today!! The journey to peace and happiness is not always easy! No mater how much you have learned read or study. If you don't practice everyday your not as sharp and skilled as you could be! Think about world class athletics they have the right idea when it comes to self discipline and dedication. They get the job done.

I had a great conversation with a dear friend about this yesterday! I should have listen a little better Happiness and wellbeing is a daily awareness you need to feed your soul everyday!
I really believe if you do this then you stay in our own business. because your so happy and life is so good that what others are doing that you could have been caught up in really don't seem to have any bearing on you and your state of mind.

After a LONG day of many frustrations I had my moment where I realized just one thought, a thought that is just a little better then all the thoughts I have had today will put me heading down stream!!! Down stream to my happiness. My vortex! A place of peace and happiness!!

So here is the confession, when I started writing this post I started writing it in hopes that someone in my life would read it and get the message to stay out of people business and stop trying to control other life's by doing things that deep down inside knows it will hurt others!

Now, remembering the things others do is a reflection of what I don't like about myself!!!Good times!! Now I can see what other do is on them and who am I to judge what they choose to do in life! Are they hurting me or my family NOPE ..."it is what it is" !!!

Life and Happiness is what I make of it...I'm glad I moved quickly back to this. Even if I do get upset from time to time. I would not anyone to have the control to make me happy, they just could do it!!!

This was a tough lesson today, learning is never easy :)

So to finish out the great Salt "n" Pepa... Who are you to judge there's only one true judge and that my God, so chill and let my father do his job"!!!!

Finding enlightened in the funniest places
Much Love,

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