Tuesday, March 15, 2011



I can say in my past before, I starting studying photography. I don't think I appreciated most image I came across. Sure the images that had HUGE meaning! The News: most of the time a Negative image of something terrible that had happened  death and destruction. Then there would be a image that would being great joy!

An image is tied to emotion we as humans we  live and die by emotions. They make us happy, sad, mad, laugh! I love an image that brings you to tears! What a impact on the human race! Think of one image that has brought you to tears! 

Now I have come to realize just how incredibly important images are!!!

People are willing to running into burning building for the following:

  • Kids and Love ones
  • Pets
  • Photographs 
We risk our life for images!!!!

Sit back and thing right now of a photograph you have.....What dose it mean to you? What if it was destroyed? How would you feel? What would be lost?

I feel like I'm the luckiest people in the world! 

I capture life forever!!!

As long as my images are in tacked that one moment in time will live forever! That is amazing!! 100 yrs from now my image will still have meaning!!

Here is my challenge to you record you life!!! 
Of course I would say hire a Professional Photographer..lol we all need business. No matter how you choose to record you life just do it. I know images of my Grandparent are some of the most priceless images I have!! Remember we all will have family to come, share you life with them!

I have many photographer friends we all know and understand the importance of what we do. Some may say it's just to much money to pay to have pictures taken.
Well, I say to that...I don't take pictures!

 I capture images of you and your family to last a life time.
Remember we are the ones willing to run into burning building to save them!!

Much Love,

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