Friday, January 21, 2011

Don't don't take long!

I had a quite moment tonight , all my thoughts to myself. A life like mine you just don't get to many of these moments. Between being a Mother, Wife,  Grandmother, Photographer, Maid, Chauffeur, Chef and the list goes on and on. I'm sure any mom out there can relate!!

As I sat in the dark with the light of the fire I began to cry! Where had the time gone?
At one point it's was about changing diapers of my daughters and now it;s changes the diapers of my Granddaughter! Next it will be the Great Grandchildren!!!
I'll go back to something I will forever be  known for saying " It is what  it is"!!!  I except everything  that is in my life and take full responsibly for all of my choices in my life. I try not to life with any regrets there is just no need to dwell!! You can't change the past!
So, why did I sit watching the fire flicker with tears in my eyes! I'm blessed to have the Children I have they are amazing young Women!
I'm not sure how I pull it off!! Having girls who are like them! Believe me they have had there moments and I'm sure they both have moments to come :) Looking at them now they are beautiful, bright, loving and amazing! This is living proof that a parent and only do so much then it's really up to the young adult to choice their own path in life. I for one have blamed myself  when one or the other has made a decision that I THOUGHT was not the right one! That's what I get for thinking...LOL :) every decision they have made it the right one for them!!! They may have had some hard lessons to learn, in the end their choice was right!

My thought tonight is Where has time is gone! It slipped right thought my fingers and it's still slipping!!

I'm starting to understand my passion for photography: It's about the memories the events...each and every moment and capturing life forever!!! Now that I'm starting down the path of the middle years there is something amazing that is starting to happen.  I believed I lived before with my eye wide shut! Now I have an awareness that was not there before.

Life is amazing, breath taking and beautiful!!! Do the things you want to and don't wait for years to come!!! If you want it get it... do it ... live it!!! Ask yourself this question: when was the last time you make a comment like this...

* Where has the time gone?
* It seems like yesterday!
* I can't believe how big they are getting!
* 10 years already?
* It was just Christmas!
* Your 21 Really!?!?!
* Your retired already
* Wow, they really pasted away?

Don't Blink ...time seem to move faster and faster now days!! People slow your roll...there is no reason to hurry!!! Sit back and enjoy what there is to see, learn and do!!!

Much Love,

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