Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I was in line at Wal-mart the one stop shopping store Ha Ha... and ran in to two friends of mine. They know who they are and I'm sure they read this Blog...I hope they don't mind that their the inspiration for this posting :) 
Both Friends very different there is one thing that ties them together........... A recent break-up of a Relationship / Marriage. One a few year and the other of many years. 

Their dream of a so called perfect marriage broken like an egg. They both agreed "through sickness and in health till death do them part" A very strong committed!!!
So, tell me what happens to 50% of marriages?? A 50/50 chance...REALLY. Now, if someone 24 yrs ago would have told me there is a 50/50 chance you and your husband-to-be will be divorce! I know dang I would have walked away....I'm a gambler and I know 50/50 odds are crap!!!
Why do we still take the chance..breaking ties in a relationship are never easy to go through. There is hurt, anger, frustration. 
I think it's because our souls are design to love thats what we do...but our souls are not design to confinement. What I'm asking you all is are we made up to love more than one person? I'm not sure just a question I ask? 
I'm no expert here that why I look for feed back from others on this.
I'm sure my friends had the commitment, love, desire and the will to make their relationship work. 
Did the relationship really go wrong or did they just gain what they wanted to learn and experience with that partner and decide to move on? 
My thought...should we stop saying "till death do us part" Should we say "till we have gain what our souls need to learn"
Don't mis-understand I believe in marriage! I have been married for a very long time. I fell like I'm always learning from Tony. Maybe I'm just not a quick learner...LOL 

For those who are in the mist of their experience, do what feels good for you! If you stay on the path of being single or if you re-engaged in your relationship. Ask yourself one thing..."Does this feel good" and act upon it!!  No one can judge!

For me...Tony is the one who make me laugh,smile,cry,angry and make me feel like I'm living a "Teenage Dream!!"
Remember feedback is always welcomed :)
Much Love

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  1. Love this post sweetie...Love it, love it, love it.
    I found this excerpt from the Abraham-Hicks teachings that goes along with what you are pointing out here.

    "Let us offer you the perfect coming together vows - where you are calling them marriage or wherther you are calling them something else.

    Hello friend we are here as co creators and it is my expectation as we move forward in this marriage or in this relationship that both of us will find ourselves satisfied in everyway that is possible.

    It is my wanting to find out who I am and to discover who your are, but most important to me is that I be happy,
    so that in my happiness I can radiate some of it out to maybe inspire some happiness in you.
    I do not take your life as my responsiblity,
    I take my life as my responsibility and I am looking forward to a very good time here.
    I am anticipating that as we move forward in this life together that we will have the ultimate of all positive experiences,
    because that is what I intend to look for, as long as were having a good time lets stay together.
    And if we should stop having a good time, let us separate - either in thought or in physicalness .......until negative do us part [laughter]

    Now you have much control about whether you part or you just take your attention from the tar baby you see, we are not wanting to inspire you to all dismember or disassemble your marriages what were encouraging you to do is to look for the positive aspects and attract more of that forth."