Friday, January 7, 2011

The Lost of Love Ones

I have received many calls and emails in the past month advising me of a death of someone's loved one. Dealing with the loss of someone you love and cherish is indeed difficult to handle. I have a first-hand experience of losing someone I truly cherish and value in the past month. Coping with the loss of a loved one is never easy. 
 They appear to be a normal part of your life, but one day, they disappear from your life forever. It is only upon their deaths that you realize how valuable and irreplaceable they are.

I ask can losing someone help finding yourself...
I say for me YES! 
I have experienced many different learning event in the past few years but I would have to say losing someone close to me has given me insight on what is really important in life. 
I look to one quote differently today than I did a month ago...

Live Well...I know I have done the right thing in life..I have never been in jail and I don't have anyone looking for !!! I have to be the 1st to admit that sometime in the past I could have done a better job living. With that said the past is the past and I fully intend to "Life Life Like I was Dying" 

Laugh Often...this is one thing in life I have become a expert on! Life is FUNNY!!! We just have to look and pay attention. You can find comic relief just about anywhere.  Including in yourself, this I learned from my Granddaughter. She cracks herself up all the time, I know she thinks she is the funniest thing in town!!

Love Much...really is there many more that need to be said! That really says it all, love each other each and everyday!

We all have experienced the lost of someone in our life's and we each will deal with the grieving process in our own personal way. The one thing to remember is we are not alone. One may have lost a brother, a  mother, a partner or a child.  

Each person we have lost was loved. 

Keep them close to your heart and remember the lessons they taught you! I learned with the passing of the one I loved ...Service for others even at the risk of yourself!!! 

As I close this entry with tears in my eyes...Live, Love and Laugh and don't sweat the small shit in life! 
(yes, I said shit)

Much Love,


  1. Well put Bridget... I like what you said here... including "don't sweat the small shit" it's a great motto to live by.

  2. Love this post girly! (love your blog look too...your bookshelf rules!)

  3. Got the bookshelf idea from you!!!!