Monday, January 24, 2011

A stop to everything....Reflecting back to Aug.

I started this blog back in Aug. This is a  post I wrote  but I never published it. This was the last post i had written before I took the long break from blogging. I thought it Ironic.. When I wrote the blog the news was starting to become very real I was losing my job! Amazing if I would have know the path I would be on now I'm 100% sure I wouldn't have written this post....

Funny, how 5 words spoken to you can move your life in a direction that is new and can been seen as disrupting!!!  " We are moving the business!!!" What does this mean... my job with CitiBank where I have spent the last 12yrs working is gone!!! Just like faced with what I'm not sure!!! I wish I could put into words the thoughts, feeling and phyicial reaction I have gone through. I can't!!!  I reflect back to a few weeks ago when starting this blog and where I was!!! I truly thought a few weeks ago I was facing some major challengles in my life!! NOTHING like this nothing at all!!!
This is the Biggest challenge to put this whole staying postive and Laws of Acttraction to the test.. 
Really I attracted this!!!
You bet, I sure in the hell did!!!
I remember converstion I had with a dear friend about 2 yrs. ago...and I quote " I have a goal... 2yrs and I'm out of Citi!!!" By the time everyting is said and done my last check with Citi should be right about 2/1/11. I even shared with my boss...I want out by 2/1/11 why that would have been 12 yrs to the date I was hired. Talk about attraction!!!
Now the question is this what I really wanted??Is this what is right for the family??? What do I do now??? I really can't answer any of those questions!! I say everything happens for you not to you!!!

I didn't not complete the post, but I can answer the 3 question where I stopped the post! 

Is this what I really wanted?? It was very much what I wanted. My last few years with Citi I just was not engaged with the business because I had another love. It's wasn't the Banking business anymore!

Is this what is right for the family??? Heck ya!!! I'm a better Mom, Wife and Grandma!!!

What do I do now???  Live, Shoot, Teach, Share, Learn and enjoy my life to the fullest!!! 

I'm the 1st to admitted I'm a work in progress looking back if the fear of what was to be wasn't there. I would have never written the post! This is a amazing example doing what feels good and letting go to the fear of what maybe. If the fear I had when I wrote this post was still there I would still be working at Citi. 

Law of attraction in action Babe!!! Staying positive and working through the fear!!!

I DID IT!!!!!

Much Love,

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