Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Life's Roller Coaster

Those who know me have heard me say time and time again:

"Life is a roller coaster, however my life roller coaster does not go up and down. Mine goes side to side and every around every turn is a new adventure!"

I talk about taking you all on my journey in life here is the reason, I want to inspire you all including MYSELF!

I believe that without inspiration my life roller coaster would go up and down. Some days good some days bad. The mood swings, one day happy the next day sad/mad.

What a life, but what if you could keep your vibration so high you would never feel deep dark sadness or inflamed anger. What if you just couldn't feel it?!?! Now, I'm not saying haven't felt these things in the past my family can attest to it...lol !! It's just been  very long time!

There are a ton of reason why it's been so long here are a few...

*Jerry and Ester Hicks, their work has taught me "to keep my thoughts down stream" Now you'll have to read the book to understand what down stream is :)

*Byron Katie, her work has helped me question my beliefs that harm me.

*Letting go of fear.

*A deep rooted passion for everything in life. 

Life is good!! I embrace those turns on my roller coaster. I learn from each and everyone! Be open to the message the turn will give you. Each and every message could be your next inspiration!!! 

Much Love

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