Monday, January 3, 2011


I follow many bogs out there, one of then is called The Positivity Blog. I liked this and thought I would share with you!
Tap into gratitude.
Where you put your focus does to a large degree determine how you feel and think.
Focus on the stress and how hard everything is and you will feel and think about just that. Focus on the positive things in your life right now and you will feel a lot better and think happier thoughts. Your day becomes lighter.
One of the quickest ways to shift your focus is simply to appreciate the positive things in your life right now. To be grateful for what you have.
Two ways of doing that are:
  • The two minute exercise. If you’re feeling negative or stressed out use just two minutes in your day to reflect upon things that you are grateful for. It’s a small and quick thing to do but it can have a big effect on your mood – it’s hard to not feel like smiling after those two minutes – and how you view your life. Ask yourself: “what can I appreciate in my life right now? and “what can I be grateful for that I may have been taking for granted this year?”.
  • The gratitude journal. Basically the same exercise as above. But here you quickly jot down 5 things you are grateful for in a journal. Do this for a few minutes each day or each week. Review the journal whenever you feel the need. Very simple but effective.

Much Love

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