Saturday, January 1, 2011

Re-naming the Blog... times flys!!!! I have been so engaged in life that I have forgot to pay it forward!!! Pay it forward you might ask??? Yes, I have forgot to take you all on my journey!!! Looking back it's been quite sometime since I have posted. Now, I'm not says I have forgotten to live life to the fullest during this time. In fact that is just what I have been doing!!! I'm not going to blog about them all so I'll bullet point the highlights...

* I shot the SLC Dew Tour.

* I shot Brett Turner in concert

* I did a Charity shoot at the KISS concert to fight Childhood diabetes. I did sit in the KBER 101 VIP section!

* I shot the Dew Tour Final in Las Vegas.

* Went the the Nickleback concert.My Fav song!!!!

*I got to met Nick Cannon
* Worked as an extra in new movie staring Diane Keaton, Kevin Klien and Dianne Wiest
    Darling Companions release 2011.

 Yes, I take pictures of NICE cameras!!!! I played a photographer in the movie!!!

* Now retired/ laid  from my job of 12 yrs.

This is just a few of the highlights but not a complete list that would just take to long to catch up on...LOL

As you can see live is good to me! I work hard and play harder then ever! One thing I would like to encourage everyone to do is read on the 1st post on this blog! The message is so powerful!

Live...Live...Live life!!! Each and everyday!!!

That is why I'm changing the name of the blog!!! It's not just about a 365 days it's about EVERYDAY!!!

Much Love

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